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Reasons Why an Outsource HME Billing is Always a Better Option

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Are you having sleepless night thinking about your HME billing? Are you ending up in the complex HME billing procedure rather than in patients care? It’s time to outsource your HME billing.

Reasons why outsourcing HME billing is a better option for most of the healthcare providers:

  • More time for patients care
  • Increased revenue generation
  • Cost-effective
  • Better customer service
  • Complete safety during the billing process
  • Always up to date with the changing regulation and software
HME Billing

Now the question comes how to choose the better operational extension for your organization:

Answer to this can be Sunknowledge Service Inc, an outsourcing organization that working with both payers and providers for ages now, has excellent industries reference for its effective billing solution. Partnering with Sunknowledge will not only elevate your cash flow but also reduce the operational cost by 80%. Our expert performs task-specific activities and delivers the heavy lifting work that improves the collections in the long run, we also ensure 97% highest collection rate that no other RCM offers. As more than 50% of our work involves in HME domain we not only expertise in all pre-billing services which includes data entry, eligibility verification and authorization, doctor office follow-up, order confirmation and even scheduling of delivery. Even our experts are equally proficient in other post billing works too which is the creation of claims, submission, and rejection, cash posting, A/R follow up and rejection and denial management. Offering all these services in a standalone /end to end service only for $7 per hour and a no binding contract Sunknowledge's benefits are definitely worth a try.

So with Sunknowledge service, you not only experience a complete HIPAA compliance but also a 24*7 no cost account manager for our assistance. This not only helps you get better control on your to outsource HME billing option but also end of all you HME billing worries.
Get in touch for more information on how our experts can help you with effective cash flow, streamline operation and patients care and end all your worries for your DME billing.

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