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Sunknowledge Services Inc: The Future of all Cpap, Bipap Machines Prior Authorization

· Prior Authorization

Since 2007, Sunknowledge Services Inc has not only evolved as a next-gen medical billing and collection destination but also as a one-stop destination for all prior authorization process for more than 28 specialties. Providing outstanding customized solutions in pre, post-revenue cycle management as well as prior authorization process to some of the leading companies in HME; genomic lab; CPAP & BIPAP machine prior authorization, etc Sunknowledge has more than 100s clientele list for its effective solution.

Cpap Billing

Sunknowledge’s experts not only delivers all the heavy lifting works that drive the cash flow in the long run but also take extra initiatives in providing additional CPAP &BIPAP compliance support by reaching out to:

  • Existing CPAP users regarding supplies if eligible
  • Existing diabetic/incontinence users regarding supplies if eligible
  • Previous patients regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
  • New leads regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
  • Constant support through easy access and availability of managers/resources over Phone call/video conferencing / screen sharing
  • Work assignment and management via MyForms
  • Manage/index documents via an applicable document management system 

In fact, our team of experts delivers state of the art support that transpires to improved AR collections, reducing the operational cost by 80% for all our clients. Our benefits do not end here, we offer a flexible solution in business transition by customizing our benefits like robust reporting according to client’s protocol, (daily/weekly/monthly), no-cost dedicated account manager, etc.

Even our $1 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of Omission & commission, along with our no binding or no lock-up policy is also part of the discussion for many healthcare providers.

Providing task-specific activities, our range of services includes:

  • Order entry (patients, providers, insurance, items, etc)
  • Eligibility verification (both online, calling)
  • Prior authorization with patients calling and doctor’s office follow up for relevant documentation that needed for the process
  • order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of delivery
  • Claims management
  • Rejection management
  • Payment posting auto (with and without audit as well as manual)
  • Account receivable follow-up
  • Account receivable and denial management

So get in touch with our experts for the support you need for your CPAP & BIPAP machine prior authorization and also for any other medical billing process and experience seamless operational and financial upliftment.

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