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Sunknowledge: an Ideal DME Insurance Billing Key

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Being the premium solution for DME medical billing Sunknowledge Service Inc is the only practice management/revenue cycle management that excels in DME insurance billing along with doctor’s office follow-up and patients calling, which is rare in this medical billing industry.

In fact, one of the top five reasons for denial claims were related to insurance coverage; where billing and coding play a vital role according to a survey by Remit Data.

Not only are our resources skilled in providing exceptional DME insurance billing services, but also excel in services like pre-billing activities which includes data entry (Rx and Dx), eligibility verification online as well as through call, prior authorization verification, Dr’s office follow up and patients calling for needed documents, order confirmation and scheduling of delivery. Even after sell CPAP support also falls under additional service for which Sunknowledge is known for, which no other RCM organization offers.

DME Insurance Verification

The Only DME Insurance Billing Solution:

Sunknowledge has gained excellent industries reference not only by providing the above services but also known for providing both front end/back end billing services for 27 others specialties. Being a 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance organization, we not only ensure effective medical billing solution to the clients but also an instant 80% operational cost reduction. Our well-equipped trained resources not only ensure a 99.9% accuracy rate with the highest productive metric but also can meet and beat any price rate.

It does not end here we also guarantee a 97% highest first-pass collection rate with 30% shrink in your account receivable bucket. Being in this medical billing industries and working with both payers and providers have made us realized the value of writes-offs. This is why no writes-offs are done without the client’s consent.

So if you are experiencing a miserable insurance billing service and other medical billing services, call Sunknowledge Service Inc. Sunknowledge solution provides a standalone/end to end service at the lowest service charge of $7 per hour. For more information about our work, call our experts.

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